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11 June 2012 @ 11:30 pm
His Time Is Running Out Chapter 4  

Title : His Time Is Running Out Chapter 4

Pairing : Top/Seungri
Genre : Angst
Rating : R/NC-17
Summary : Top decided to return to Seungri after they broke up 5 months ago, Top knew that he didn't have much time To live but he didn't expect that it was too soon.
P/S :Here it is! Chapter 4, I hope you guys enjoy it!

As they arrive in Hawaii

Hyung it is soo beautiful here!!” Seungri splashing around in the water as they arrived at one of the hawaiian beach. The water is crystal clear, we could almost see everything while the sand was as white and pure as a diamond could be. Top just laughed at his panda, he knew that his panda could be a little childish sometimes, but that what makes him who he are. That what Top love the most, his Seungri is unique.

Top was laying down on the sparkling sand, with his shade on, relaxing, shutting himself partially from the world. Seungri saw this, then he sprinted to his hyung, then slammed himself on top of Top. Top who was slowly drifting to sleep was taken aback by Seungri's action. He was about to mumble but Seungri silent him with a kiss. Top shift their position, he rolled seungri down while he's on the top. They were exchanging glaze as Top cupped his hand on Seungri's cheek.

How could you be so beautiful, I just can't resist you any longer..” Top whispered .

Stop looking at me like that, it's embarassing hyung.” Seungri just laughed his ass off. The dark stare Top gave him, who could've resist the look of such eyes.

Don't you want me Ri baby...?” Top licked on Seungri's neck, Seungri moaned abit.

Let's go somewhere else my panda, anything you want to eat? Im starving”. Top pulled Seungri on his feet.

How about icecream?” Seungri suggested jokingly.

How can we eat icecream when im starving here, I need energy for our first night, you know what I mean.” Top winked at him, Seungri blushed abit, knowing what his hyung was talking about. He was quite nervous actually, he had never done it with a guy before.

Let's just eat pizza then, I heard that the pizza in hawaii is one of the best pizza ever in the world. I wonder how does it taste hyung?” Seungri asked his hyung.

I bet you taste way greater!” Top teased his panda, then they both laughed out loud.

There are a lot of things that I want to do once we reach here. I want to go to amusement park hyung! And also water park, let's eat a lot of ice cream later!” Seungri pouted his lips.

Just as long as you keep your promise about tonight, I will bring you anywhere.” Top smirked to himself.

And so they made their way to one of the restaurant near the beach.

That night..

Im full hyung! That was the best pizza i've ever eaten in my whole life! Oh and this hotel.. are you sure it's not too expensive hyung? We could just sleep in a cheaper room you know... this is too luxury.” Seungri suggested.

Of course it's not that expensive, I can afford it you know, anything for my baby. Soo...? what do you want to do tonight?” Top smirked at him.

I..I.. do.. don't know?” Seungri stuttering because he was too nervous and shy.

Don't you want me baby?...” Top took Seungri's hand and they made their way to the bed.

Top pushed Seungri on the bed and kiss him passionately.

Aah ....” Seungri exhaled, shuttering from the kiss.

Top felt the younger boy's heat as their saliva mixed in each others mouth.
Top stopped, raising his head to look into Seungri's eyes.What a beautiful view, he wondered if he should really go on, after all it was Seungri first time having sex.

Slowly, he moved his hand over Seungri's pants, sliding his hand over the small boy's crotch.

Seungri let out a low hiss as he gripped the sheets. Seungri bit down on his lip as the tall boy lightly squeezed him, making him arch off the bed. “Hyung...” Seungri shuddered.
“I love you,” Seungri said, wrapping his arms around the Top's neck. He planted his kiss and marked his hyung neck.
Top swallowed hard, feeling his pants tighten against the bulge as the Seungri raised his hips and pressed them against his own.
Seungri pulled the Top down, whispering in his ear, “Please hyung, I want you inside me.”

Top undoing his pants and letting them fall to his knees.
“You're so big hyung,does it hurt?” Seungri whispered.
“You've prepared yourself, right? You sure you wanna do this Ri baby?”
Seungri nodded, “It's okay hyung, I want you inside of me.”
Top nudged Seungri's hole before pressing inside. He held his breath, watching Seungris face twist in pain. “Ahhhh Ri babyyy,” Top exhaled, caressing his cheek.

“Keep going hyung.. ahh” Seungri said softly.
Top closed his eyes as he entered the Seungri slowly, feeling his inner walls being ripped open to fit the size of his cock. He felt Seungri's virginity being torn away from him as he thrust in harder. Seungri let out a sharp cry, arching his back off the bed as he squeezed Top tightly.
“Hyungg give me more.” Seungri gasped as Top pressed his hips into his own.

Top slowly rolled his hips, reaching different angles inside Seungri and making him arch his back in pleasure as Top hit the sensitive nerve inside him.
“Again hyung... Do it again.”
Seungri dragged his fingers down Top's chest, leaving red scratches on his skin as Top started to pound into him, “Ah hyung!”
Top started to thurst harder and faster “Ri baby... I'm going to cum soon.”

“ Me too hyungg,” Seungri bit his lip, lifting his hips off the bed to grind against Top's.
Top bumped into Seungris hips hard, pounding him against the bed. He felt Seungri tighten around him, sending him over the edge this time as he Seungri with his cum..

Seungri also cum at the same time, it was like he was losing his mind as the pleasure running over his body.

Top had no more energy, he laid down on top of Seungri and slowly drifting to sleep.

Seungri pulled up the covers and wrapping his arms around Top. Seungri snuggled against his chest, and also finally sleeping.

So they spend the rest of their vacation together, they went to an amusement park, water park, cinemas, and not to mention eating various kind of ice cream together. It was finally the day where they had to go back to their hometown.

Ri have you finished packing?? come on, the taxi's waiting for us.” Top told him.

Alright in a second hyunggg!” Seungri replied him.

And so.. the vacation for the Seunhyun couple finally ended..