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29 May 2012 @ 09:59 am
His Time Is Running Out Chapter 2  
Title : His Time Is Running Out Chapter 2
Pairing : Top/Seungri
Genre : Angst
Summary : Top decided to return to Seungri after they broke up 5 months ago, Top knew that he didn't have much time To live but he didn't expect that it was too soon.
P/S : So here it is, chapter 2, enjoy n___n

Top could feel that his heart beating hard and fast, he could barely feel any other parts of his body due to the extreme pain in his chest. He was thinking was he dead yet, it was very silent...

“Hyung, are u awake?” Seunrgi voice disrupted his thought. Although he could barely hear the voice, but it was enough to make him realized that he was still alive.

Top tried to open his eyes but it was too bright, so he took a few second and then there Seungri was, smiling at him with his puffy eyes. He knew that Seungri had been crying all these time. He was lying on an unfamiliar bed, probably in the hospital he thought. He took a few moment before he finally exchange glaze with Seungri.

“Where am I? What's up with your swollen eyes baby?” He asked weakly.
“It's nothing hyung, you're in the hospital, why didn't you tell me hyung?” His voice shaken abit as he tried to hold back his tears.

Their conversation were interrupted when the doctor came into the room. “Seunghyun-sshi, you can leave this evening but make sure to take your medicine” The doctor smiled widely as he left the room.

“We'll talk about this at home later Ri baby, please don't cry, im here with you..” He tried to put up a smile on his face and look deep into Seungri eyes.

Whenever Seungri look into his eyes, he feels safe there's something special about his hyung eyes, everything about him is special he thought in his mind. Seungri just nodded and then made his way towards the door.

“Hyung, i'll be right back, I need to get you some breakfast at the cafeteria.” Seungri told him.
Seungri made his way to the doctor in charge of his hyung.

“Doc, may I ask you something?” he asked nervously.
“Yeah sure what is it?”
“How much time does Seunghyun have left? Isn't there anything you can do doctor??”
“Probably a couple of weeks or even a month if he's lucky. Im sorry, there's nothing we can do. Actually there is something, if we can find a lung donor. It's so hard to find a lung donor nowdays" The doctor replied.
"If I can find a lung donor, will he continue to live doctor?" 
"Even if there are, i can't guarantee that everything's gonna be fine though. It's very risky, the chance of success for the surgery is only about 20% so i can guarantee you anything even if you found a lung donor. Im sorry ” The doctor replied as he made his way to another patient.
"A lung donor..." Seungri whispered under his breath.

Everything happened too fast, Seungri felt the world started to crumble around him as he made his way to the cafeteria. His hand could not stop shaking as his vision started to blur by his own tears..

A couple of minutes later....

“You're back.. what took you so long?” Top asked in full of curiousity.
“Oh the queue was too long so I had too wait hyung.” Seungri put up a fake smile.
“I see.. were you crying again?”Top knew that Seungri was lying, he knows him too well. After all Seungri is his boyfriend anyway.
“I did not! Here eat your breakfast hyung. So how are you feeling?” Seungri lied and tried to change the conversation.
“Better since you've came back. I just want to tell you that stop worrying too much,  Can you please feed me Ri? My hands feel so tired and numb right now." Top lied to get Seungri attention.
"Hyung.. okay then. I would do anything for you, you know that.. after all you're the only person that I have in my life. Oh hyung, let's take a picture together, I just bought this polaroid about a week ago. It will print out the picture in an instant hyung." Seungri said happily.

"You should keep that picture Ri, when im gone and anytime you miss me, kiss the picture, and im gonna appear out of nowhere" Top laughed as he joke around.
"Don't say such thing hyung! you're not going anywhere." Seungri showed sadness in his face.
"Yah I was just joking Ri, stop worrying too much. the doctor said everything's gonna be fine right." Top tried to calm his panda down.
“Yeah.. everything's gonna be fine..” Seungri mumbled under his breath as he feed on his hyung.

But deep down inside, both of them know that nothing's gonna be fine anymore...

Later that evening...

They arrived home and Seungri support his hyung on his shoulder as they made their way into the house.
They laid down on the bed facing each other. Seungri could see the tiredness in Top's face, he would let his hyung to get some rest but he really needed to know the truth right at that moment. Seungri cupped his hyung face so that he will look right at him in the eyes.
“Hyung... please tell me, no more lies..I want to hear it from you, not the doctor not anyone, please hyung?” Seungri broke the silence.
Top sigh in despair... He knew that Seungri had to know the truth eventually, so he decided to tell Seungri himself.
“You remember the moment we broke up 5 months ago?.. and then I disappeared just like that. That was the time when I figured that I had lung cancer and it was too late to be cured, so I decided to let go of you so that you can move on with your life... I knew it was hard on you, even on me, both of us, but im so sorry for coming back at you now. I... I just could not live without y.. you, I thought it was that simple but.. it's actually  not..” Top broke into tears and start shivering. 
“Although it was a very selfish action of me coming back to you, I don't deny that, to leave you once again soon, im totally sorry, but I just want to spend the rest of my life with you Seungri. Consider that as my last selfish request.Im sorry for everything, I hope you don't regret meeting me in your life" He whispered into Seungri's ear

He kissed Seungri's forehead as his tears started to seep on Seungri shirt fabrics.

Same goes to Seungri, he could not hold back his tears, Seungri hugged his hyung and placed his head on Top's chest as they laid down on the bed, Seungri can hear the heartbeat of his hyung as if it was beating for him.

“Hyung... why is this world so cruel? If only we can spend the rest of our life together just like other people...” Seungri voice was so weak as if he was talking to himself.

“Do you ever believe in destiny Ri baby? Maybe god had planned this all along, maybe we would see each other again in the future life? And maybe just maybe, we would be together again in the future..”Top tried to calm Seungri down.

“Destiny? I don't know. who cares, I just want to spend every second together with you. I want to treasure each and every moment that we have together, let's go and watch movies hyung? Can you please treat me ice creamm? Im really craving for it.” Seungri pouted his lips which would always drew Top's attention.

“Anything for you Ri” Top smiled as he kissed seungri on his lips and both of them got out of bed.

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princess♥♥: banggukstraightfaceittybittydaiyu on May 29th, 2012 04:50 am (UTC)
Omgggg so sad
I see where this going
I can't OMGGGG
Love makes you do crazy things
But most beautiful
sushiloshipops: pic#117483453sushiloshipops on May 29th, 2012 05:04 am (UTC)
Yeah... I was so depressed while writing this :'( I'll try to update the next chapter by tomorrow. Thanks for reading!
aiyuukiaiyuuki on May 29th, 2012 06:31 am (UTC)
and now seungri know it,,
keep strong seungri-ah, and believe in destiny, both of you gonna be together forever,,
really, really hope there will be a miracle for them,,